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Develop your film in 3 easy steps

Unless you plan on covering your bedroom windows with bin liners and creating your own dark room, you’re going to need to visit a processing lab to develop your shots.

Get snapping.

Complete your roll of film before visiting your local film processing lab. Use the store locator here to find your nearest local lab, or simply google 'film processing labs near me'.

Drop off your film, or mail it in!

Highly skilled professionals will develop your film. You can choose to receive your photos as physical prints or digital scans, which are emailed to your phone and can be uploaded to social media. Simply ask to have your photos 'developed and scanned'.A picture says 1000 words, but these shots will leave you speechless. 

Seal the deal.

Wait for your photos via email, or head back into your favourite lab to collect your prints. 

Load, shoot, repeat, it’s that simple.
Repeat this process for endless fun.