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Who we are

Founded in Melbourne, Australia, our cameras are hand-picked, restored and tested by us to make shooting film easy and fun. Travelling the world with a film camera in hand, we’re capturing memories around the globe.

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Beginner friendly


Ditch The disposable

Kids from the iPhone generation have turned to film. As concerns about global warming continue to rise, more and more people are considering their carbon footprint and the amount of...

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35mm film for beginners

You’ve decided to jump on the film train, and you’ve got a great camera that you can’t wait to use. Now what? Film of course.  There are so many different...

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How to get that 'grainy' look

We’re breaking the rules of photography to teach you guys about film speed, and how to get that ‘grainy’ effect we’re all so obsessed with. It’s generally accepted that you...

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Zoom Kodak Portra 400

Kodak Portra 400


Portra 400 is a daylight-balanced, colour negative film. Producing beautiful skin tones and natural landscapes, Portra offers high colour saturation and fine grain.


Features include:
• 36 exposures
• ISO 400 in C-41 process
• Very Fine Grain, VISION Film Technology
• Accurate Colour and Neutral Skin Tones
• High Sharpness and Fine Edge Detail

Zoom Vintage camera case
Zoom Vintage camera case

Vintage camera case


Keep your camera safe with a protective case. 

Camera cases are in good condition with light signs of cosmetic use. Camera cases are recommended for point and shoot models only. 

Please note: Cases are selected at random. 35mm Co can not guarantee that the case provided will match your brand of camera. Cases purchased alongside a point and shoot will be of suitable size to fit your camera. 

Materials vary from synthetic leather, leather, neoprene and more.