How to get that 'grainy' look

We’re breaking the rules of photography to teach you guys about film speed, and how to get that ‘grainy’ effect we’re all so obsessed with. It’s generally accepted that you should avoid noise in your film photos by choosing the lowest ISO for your current lighting situation. This will leave you with shots that are smooth, clean and sharp. However, with millennials jumping on the film trend in recent years, we’re all a little bit obsessed with the old school grain effect taking over our Instagram feed. This technique is becoming more and more difficult to achieve as camera manufacturers are getting better at eliminating noise from high ISO settings. The grain seen in old school photos is the clumping of dye clouds that make up the image colour. When you set your ISO to high levels, your photos will produce a thick grain.


Our top three tips to achieve that ‘grainy’ look are:

  1. Shoot fast film with a high ISO
  2. Shoot in low lighting conditions
  3. Shoot without the flash


Shoot expired film, underexposure your images and experiment with different ISO’s to master that signature grainy effect on your next roll (and send us the images, we’d love to feature you!).