35mm film for beginners

You’ve decided to jump on the film train, and you’ve got a great camera that you can’t wait to use. Now what? Film of course. 

There are so many different types of film and numerous incredible brands. So, we’ve put together a list of films that are common and easy to find. Most importantly of all, we stock them too!

Choosing your first roll:

A good place to start is colour film with a speed (ISO) of 400. It’s versatile and will allow you to shoot in a range of different conditions.  


Our favourite films for beginners include:

Kodak Portra: the Kodak Portra series is one of the most popular film types available. Renowned for its fine grain and natural colour palette, Portra 800 is great for shooting in low-light conditions and with flash.  

Kodak Ektar: one of Kodak’s most iconic film stocks of all time, Kodak Ektar offers ultra-vivid colour at an incredibly low ISO to capture clear, smooth shots.

Fujicolour C200: incredibly popular for shooting in direct sunlight, Fujicolour is highly flexible with enhanced colour reproduction, sharpness and fine grain.

Kodak Ultramax 400: a general-purpose, colour negative film. Ultramax offers fine grain, deep saturation and wide exposure latitude.

The reality of shooting film is that using a certain brand won’t give you the exact same results as another photographer. Your camera settings, lighting conditions, developing chemicals and processing times will affect the final outcome of your photos. You’ll have to test different types of film to really learn what you love and what works for you. Work on your style, don’t take it too seriously, and most importantly have fun!

This blog post was inspired by https://istillshootfilm.org/post/110810597513/how-to-choose-film-for-beginners-a-guide